Lets start with "what is disavowed.net?"

Basically, disavowed.net was a challenge site like Mod-X and many other sites out there. disavowed and I were both members of CyberArmy, who had just released the first web-based challenge of this kind - "Zebulun".

Zebulun was good fun (although a little easy), but disavowed (and various other members) was not impressed by the maturity and attitude of the high-ranking officers of Zebulun. So, disavowed made disavowed.net - the challenges started off at about the same difficulty as the final level or two of Zebulun, the site was professional, had a friendly atmosphere, and was well run with the hope that it wouldn't attract the personalities like those at the top of the Zebulun ranks. It turned out very well. Lots of VERY, VERY smart people worked their ways through disavowed.net, and a pleasant community was maintained.

Sadly over time, a combination of factors resulted in the disavowed.net challenges going offline. The first few servers that hosted the site did so for free, but disavowed had to keep moving the site around because people got tired of hosting it. Then, he started paying for professional hosting...however, with disavowed.net making no money to support itself it was hard to keep going. The final straw was that when disavowed.net's hosting service got bought-out (which required disavowed to change a lot of cgi to keep the site going), he was very busy with school and never got around to it - disavowed.net eventually disappeared.

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