I'm interested!..."What challenges are there? / How does it work?"

The challenge has a storyline (as you will see from the first pages) which revolves around you being headhunted by an elite hacking group/team and being tested to become one of the team, before you continue to work with them on missions.

You will start off on the "Easy" challenges (not so easy hehe) - then proceed to the Medium challenges, and finally the Hard challenges. The easy/medium/hard challenges all contain 4 challenges designed to test your skills with Javascript, Research, Programming, and Unix/www. These challenges are tough - but in passing them, you will prove yourself to be a worthy member of the disavowed.net team.

If you manage to get to and complete the hard level challenges - you will be one of the team, and you will start the missions at Level 1. Yep...thats right, the game changes :) All I can say is...make sure you pass the easy/medium/hard - because you don't want to miss out on the higher levels!

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