Mod-X Rules

By being on the Mod-X server, you hereby agree to follow these rules. If you do not agree to follow these rules, you should leave now.

  1. Brute Forcing - no challenge on Mod-X requires brute forcing of the web server itself, this means there will *never* be a need for you to brute force a form login on Mod-X, or brute force file locations by repeatedly trying URL's. These actions are considered attacks towards the Mod-X web server - and the server will block your ip + ban your Mod-X account. I will also not hesitate to track your ISP down and inform them. Some challenge's may include files that need brute forcing on your local computer - but nothing on the server itself requires brute forcing. Brute forcing is a general term, we also use it within Mod-X to mean the repeated inputting of passwords/solutions (not neccesarily automated). Mod-X challenges are not about guessing solutions - so if you are at the Mod-X Mission Conclusion screen and you are not 99% sure of what the solution is...then you most likely do not have it! Stop...and then go play the challenge some more.

  2. Exploit Scanning - this involves checking the server for vulnerabilities, scanning for scripts that contain known vulnerabilities, or scanning for commonly misconfigured scripts/directories. This is NOT how to pass any of the challenges, this is considered an attack on the Mod-X server, so I will not hestitate to ban your account + inform your ISP. We spot a lot of these manually, and the IDS spots the ones that we don't - you will be noticed.

  3. Port Scanning - your port scans (even stealth ones) are detected by the server's IDS, along with a number of other attacks/scan techniques. Port scanning is not the way to pass a challenge on the Mod-X server, and once again - this is considered an attack on the server.

  4. Cheating - Mod-X is a single player game...if you help another agent or recieve help - you are cheating. Every agent should earn their place on Mod-X, and we often help agents on the forums or over email when they are in great there is no need to cheat. Mod-X uses multiple versions of challenges, so an answer for someone's challenge, might not be the correct answer for the version you are playing. This helps us to spot cheats and people using solutions from friends/sites to try and get to the next level. This is not permitted.

  5. Asking for help - Asking other agents for help, whether they are on the same level as you or higher, is not permitted. Using the Mod-X memo system to ask other agents specific challenge questions is strictly not allowed. We help a lot of people with the challenges on the relevant forums - so seeking outside help from other agents is totally unnecessary, and forbidden. Mod-X is a single player game.

  6. Challenge Content - Taking aspects of the Mod-X challenges, such as files/data, information on passing the level(s), or any aspect of the Mod-X site and uploading it to your own web site(s) without permission is strictly against the rules. Similarly, making any of the Mod-X site files available to other Mod-X agents will also cause you to be banned from Mod-X. If we find content on another site or publically accessible area, we will be doing everything in our power to ensure your provider removes the content.

  7. Forums - Behave yourself on the forums. Do not post challenge specifics, i.e. anything that could give other agents further knowledge of the challenge they are playing. The admins of Mod-X decide when to give challenge specific replies to questions, and we reserve the right to delete your posts should we feel that they give away too much information on a challenge.

  8. IRC - don't come to #mod-x looking for help or solutions to challenges. We are very friendly with the people on the irc server, so cheats can...and will be found if they are working with other people over IRC. The #mod-x room is logged at all times, and we have banned people for discussing challenges in the room before.

  9. Spamming - Posting excessive amounts of messages, or posting duplicate/similar messages/adverts on many forums of Mod-X is considered spamming, and is not allowed. Sending lots of messages through the Mod-X memo system is also considered spamming.

  10. Ban evading - if you are banned from Mod-X, it's for a very good reason. We don't ban lightly here, so if you find yourself banned - email Wang and discuss it. If you ban evade (i.e try to get back into Mod-X and ignore the ban, whether you believe it to be a mistake or not is irrelevant - the ban is in place for a reason) you will make your initial ban permanent with no discussion. If one of your accounts is banned, you are not welcome within the Mod-X game under that account, or any account, unless the ban is discussed with Wang and removed.

  11. Duplicate accounts - there should be absolutely no reason for you to have more than one login to Mod-X. If you have to sign up for another Mod-X account - please inform Mod-X for permission before the creation of the account. Failure to do so, can result in a ban for all of your accounts.

  12. Requesting Passwords - persons found requesting lost passwords for accounts other than their own, will be banned.

  13. Arguing Rules - if you are found in violation of these rules by the admins, live with it. By arguing with the admins or arguing your punishment/trying to avoid your punishment will make your case far worse.

  14. Common Sense - you should have been born with it, use it wisely. All the rules above are common sense, I provide a game, but like any other server on the internet, I do not invite people to attack the server or cause problems. Use your common sense, and you will most likely enjoy your time with Mod-X...use your head, solve challenges with skill, not luck or cheats :)
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